Getting To Know Clare McBride

Meet Clare McBride

I first got involved with New Thought in the 1970s while living in California. I attended my first Unity church in 1977. Since that time I have done a daily morning spiritual practice that includes The Daily Word.
I moved to Florida in January of 2006 and started to attend Unity of Port Richey in November, 2011. It is wonderful to be back with my spiritual family.I came to Florida to begin a new life and it is starting to manifest beautifully.
I now write parables for all ages under the pen name klayre. These parables come from my learning of New Thought principles. I have had some of my children's parables done up on flash cards that are a very effective marketing tool as I look for my publisher.  After 30+ years of a daily spiritual practice I feel very connected to my Source. With my work as an author I feel very on purpose with my life. I look forward to my senior years being the most rewarding of all my years. I am blessed and I want to share this blessing with others.
I am a member of your Board of Trustees and it is an honor to serve you in this capacity. If we have not met yet please introduce yourself to me some Sunday soon.