Getting to Know Sharma Kinsel

Like most people I came to Unity with a friend who was a member.  I loved the grounds and the architecture of the church, but when I saw the wooden wings of man symbol hanging over the double doors in the Sanctuary I knew I'd come home. This is an Egyptian symbol that was used over their alters. As I browsed around the lending library I discovered I had read many of the books on the shelves.  What a treat to find like minded people who read and shared similar interests. This was in 1983 and Ross Tucker was the minister at the time. The Prayer of Protection and This is my Song are my favorite affirmation and song.  Both written to give spiritual comfort for those engaged in war,  without favoring either side, but showing the good in all of us equally. The  23rd Psalm,  having heard it so many times at funerals over the years is like a comforting friend. Whatever book I'm currently reading is my favorite. Groundhog Day is one of my favorite movies,  illustrating that it takes as long as it takes to get it right. days, months, years or life times.  I meditate, sing, and laugh daily. Being outside in nature is by self nurturing practice. I do Reiki on myself and those around me, I write,  take photographs and create things to share with others. I have been so blessed by all the classes and workshops I've taken over 40 years for Massage, Reiki , Aroma Therapy, Eft,  Laughter, Toning, Flute, etc.  I'm always finding feathers as  spiritual feedback from my guides and over the years I've  have found hundreds of them,  many in very unusual places including indoors, in stores where I was shopping and the last odd place was in a dryer. I When I make my transition I believe I will  hear a voice saying Welcome Back!  Tell me about your trip.