A transformation tool for helping you discover Yourself, by yourself

We invite you to come and experience our beautiful labyrinth, located behind the parking area.  Completed and dedicated in the spring of 2013, its creation was a labor of love by a core group of Unity members.  During the Learning Lodge school year, when students are on our campus, we ask that visitors please take this prayer journey on weekends only.   The labyrinth is a walking meditation, bringing you closer to discovering peace, gaining clarity, resolving inner conflict and just slowing down.

Labyrinths may look like a maze but they’re not. Unlike a maze, a labyrinth has no dead-ends and you cannot get lost. While a maze has many paths to ponder, a labyrinth has only one path and requires no thinking, allowing you to focus within.  There are no choices about which way to turn or decisions to make or problems to solve.   There is only a purposeful spiritual journey for you to make and an understanding for you to achieve.

For thousands of years, labyrinths have been built and walked by many cultures and countries, from Greece, to Italy, to Egypt and India. Native American tribes also used this design.

We are all on a life journey and the labyrinth is a model of that path. It has many intricate turns and complexities, yet only one way in and one way out.  The walk encourages intuition, creativity and imagery.

The labyrinth is a metaphor for the center of your deepest self. When you walk the labyrinth, you begin a sacred journey into self-understanding. Each time you enter the labyrinth, your journey of heart and soul will depend on the inner attitude you have upon entering. You may enter in solitude or as part of a group. You may be serious or playful. You may be prayerful or energetic. How you enter will affect your journey. But no matter how you enter, the journey is about discovery, growth and change. It symbolizes a transformative journey within, to your own center and back out to the physical world.

The power of walking the path of a labyrinth is in its simplicity. The labyrinth represents an orderly path to quiet the mind, and as the body moves into a peaceful rhythm of walking, one becomes more closely in tune with Spirit.  Step-by-step, one becomes more receptive to insight and illumination.


This is not the time to stay at home,
But to go out and give yourself to the garden.
The dawn of joy has arisen,
And this is the moment of union, of vision.
- Rumi