Sunday Lesson

August 2 Lesson Rev. Barbara Williams
Too Hot To Handle
August 2 Meditation
Offertory Song As You Believe
AS You Beleive by Claudia Carawan  sung by Christine Mariani
July 26 Lesson with Rev. Barbara Williams Flexing Our Spiritual Muscles
July 26 Song into Lesson
"In Your Love" by Christine Mariani and sung by Christine Mariani
July 19 Lesson with Sarah Lundquist Galloway
July 19 Meditation with Rev. Barbara Williams
July 12 I Made Room For Grace by Sue Riley and Melinda Wood Allen
July 12 Lesson N.U.T.S with Greg Yarmesch
July 12 Meditation
Ready to Recieve by Sue Riley /Sloan Wanwright/Melinda Wood Allen