Sunday Lesson

June 28 Lesson Rev. Barbara Williams Thank You for Being a Friend
June 28 Meditation with Rev.Jesse James and Wiley Beveridge
Only Love Can Do That/Be the Love you are
June 28 Offertory Song with Wiley Beveridge and Nancy Lynn
There is Only Love by Karen Drucker and Michael Gott Sung by Wiley and Nancy Lynn
June 21 Song into Lesson You Raise Me Up
By Rolf Lovland/Brenam Graham
June 21 Lesson A Father's Love with Greg Yarmesch
June 14 Lesson In God We TRUST
June 14 Meditation
"A Tender Yes" written by Melissa Phillippe) with Nancy Lynn Christ
June 14 Offertoy Song Truth About Wings
"Truth About Wings" written by Claudia Caravan, special guest singer Christine Mariani
Sunday May 31 Song into Lesson
Spirit In Me by Denise Rosier with Christine Mariani
Sunday May 31 Lesson Mind Your Own Business
With Rev. Barbara Williams