Sunday Lesson

July 13 Sufficient unto Today with Rev. Jesses James
July 6 The Forgotten Art of Prayer with Rev. Barbara Williams
June 29 The Art of Nonresistance with Rev Jesse James
June 22 Special Music with Jane Talbot and Jeff Snyder
This is What I Know
June 22 Your Thought is Your Life with Rev. Barbara Williams
June 22 Song into Meditation with Jane Talbot
The River Keeps on Rollin on/It is Well
June 22 Meditation with Rev. Barbara Williams
June 15 Song into Father's Day Lesson Fred Smith
Song "You Raise Me Up" (Rolf Lovland & Brendan Graham) sung by Fred Smith and dedicated to his own DAD
Father's Day Lesson with Rev. Barbara Williams and Dusty Williams
Meditation May the Blessing of God Rest Upon You with the Spirit Sisters
Meditation with Rev. Barabra Williams and the Spirit Sisters