Sunday Lesson

Sunday January 22 Meditation
Sunday January 22 with Rev. Marty Newman
Our Twelve Powers Part Two
Sunday January 16 Lesson with Rev. Marty Newman
Our Twleve Powers Part 1
Sunday January 8 Lesson with Rev Marty Newman
White Stone with Our Twelve Powers
Sunday January 1 Lesson with Ginny Panek
December 25 Christmas Lesson With Sean Fulton
December 18 Lesson and Meditation
Rev. Jesse James "Forth Advent - Joy"Music "As the Deer" by Martin J Nystrom (Christine and Frank)
December 11 Lesson with Karen Noffsinger
Third Sunday in Advent“The Consciousness of Love”
December 11 Meditation with Karen Noffsinger
"There is Only Love" by Elaine Silver (Christine and Frank)
December 4 Lesson with Sean Fulton