Sunday Lesson

September 18 Meditation
Song "Power Of Now" by Faith Rivera, with Christine and Nyela Oluchi Hope
September 18 Offertory Song
Music "Happiness Within" by Denny Falzon & Christine Mariani
Song of Celebration "Here at Unity" by Denny Falzone and Christine Mariani
September 11 Lesson with Victoria Ben-Tovyia
September 11 Meditation with Victoria Ben-Tovyia and Christine Mariani
Song "I saw the Light' by Denny Flazone and Christine Mariani
September 4 Welcome Home Song
"Welcome Home " Song  Anji Kat/ Roger Tomhave
September 4 Celebration Song
"Here at Unity" by Denny Falzon & Christine  Mariani
September 4 Lesson with Elly Marinaro
Jung and the SpiritualTHE CALL
September 4 Meditation
" Spirt In Me " by Denise Rosier
August 28 Song into Lesson
Life- 12 Powers- By Denny Falzone