Special Guest Speaker Dieter Randolph

Event Date: 
Sunday, November 14, 2021 - 10:30am

 Dieter Randolph       Talk title Meaningfulfilled

Each of us is born with a calling. We all want growth, happiness, and freedom. That yearning is the driving force behind everything we say, do, and think. We are all trying to feed our hungry hearts. Until we find something that fills us, nothing changes. We'll keep on saying, doing, and thinking the same things, over and over again. Fulfillment isn't found with the old maps. It isn't made with the old tools. Using what we already know only leads to more of the same. Everything changes when we find something meaningful and mythological. That comes by challenging assumptions, by stepping out of our comfort zones. Meaningfullfilled will give you the tools you need to step into the unknown with courage. You'll discover that your heart's calling is proof that you're meant for greatness. What you're looking for is not found. It is here already. It is not made. It has always been the truth. You have what it takes. Life works when we engage with it. It’s time to stop marking time and start making a mark.