Spiritual Cafe

Event Date: 
Sunday, June 16, 2019 - 12:00pm

Spiritual Café with Ron Fritts Sunday, June 16 12:00

Imagine sitting around the dining room table or in your living room with a group of  like-minded seekers of Truth. You’ve just heard a presentation that raises some questions or invites you to consider ideas from a different perspective. There is an open, accepting atmosphere in which to ask questions, share ideas, and explore new challenges to your spiritual belief system.

This is the goal of today’s gathering following the service. Different from a workshop, more than just a Q&A where the presenter has all the answers, we will explore further the things presented in this morning’s talk. We will look at how we form our Belief System and how spiritual growth  requires changes. We will have a fun spiritual adventure as we question unquestioned answers, and consider some new spiritual practices.