Sunday service Guest Speaker Greg Yarmesch

Event Date: 
Sunday, August 14, 2022 - 10:30am

Talk Title  "We Live in That Which We Radiate From Within"

It'll be about Unity Principle #3 and how we co-create our lives with God (aka karma, balance, law of attraction). I'll get the slides to you by the 8th. I'll also find the perfect song on YouTube in the coming days and send it to you. 


Prior to becoming acquainted with Unity 15+ years ago, I felt that I had truly been defeated by Life. My religious upbringing taught me of a punitive God, up in the sky that was out to get me, and I was carrying a load of guilt and shame on my shoulders.

The first time I walked into Unity Spiritual Center Port Richey, the congregation was singing, Come on In. Some of the lyrics I heard were, “Come on in, welcome home, you are loved, you belong here now. No matter where you’ve been, come on in.” I just stated to cry when I heard this because I actually felt the love in the room. I felt that the congregation meant it. In that moment, I knew I was finally home. There were countless events, classes, conversations and miracles and helped me learn of a Loving God that lived in my soul. The Unity Teachings not only saved my life – it GAVE me Life.

On a personal note, I am a very grateful single father of two amazing young men. Nick is 23 and Silas is 10. I find great joy in actively sharing the Unity Principles with them and assisting them in living their best lives. In addition, the pursuit of higher consciousness, teaching and demonstrating Unity Principles in my workplace and working with friends in recovery are three of the most valuable things that I do with my time. Through understanding and practicing the Unity Principles (and with a lot of Grace), we have been able to transform what was once a bankrupt and broken soul into a privileged servant of our Loving God. I am here for you whenever you need me.