"Embracing The Shadow" Sunday Celebration Service with Rev. Marcia McCartney

Join us on for a Soul Work Sunday as we explore "Embracing the Shadow" with Rev. Marcia McCartney. This talk will help bring to light the parts of self that have been hidden, projected or rejected to be embraced and reunited with the whole self. 

Rev. Marcia McCartney--"My passion is supporting humanity in rediscovering the part each of us plays in our Divine Oneness. For over 30 years, I have been a spiritual midwife for people who desire to deepen and expand their experience of life with the Infinite Creative Spirit within. As a Unity Minister, I have encouraged the practice of Spiritual Truth taught by the great mystical traditions. I have been honored to serve as senior minister of three Unity ministries in Chicago, Gainesville and Citrus County Florida. As a recovering addict of 43 years, I have walked the path of surrender, acceptance and recovery. A Flight Attendant with Delta Airlines for 30 years retired 1999. Licensed Unity Teacher 1992 and Ordained Unity Minister 1999. Agent of Conscious Evolution, Attitudinal Healing and Sage-ing International facilitator. Creator of an alternative ministry based on healing play, laughter and creativity: The Planetary Play Project. www.planetaryplayproject.org Originator and organizer of Unity’s Planetary Play Day, April 1, 2006 and The Year of Planetary Play named the Noble Purpose Project of Unity World Wide Ministries 2006. I currently live in Crystal River Florida with my fur babies Joey and Sophie."