Pasco County Pak-A-Sack Food 4 Kids is a kid friendly school-based program organized by One Community Now, Inc. to help address chronic hunger among school children. One Community Now is a faith based community organization that focuses on getting involvement from local churches, and businesses, and organizations to adopt their local school and and provide food for teacher-identified chronically hungry children over the weekend and extended breaks.

The Community Outreach Ministry team at Unity of Port Richey has "adopted" thirty-nine children at Richey Elementary School. The team meets weekly from October through June to pack bags of about 12 different food item designed to provide nutrition and calories for these kids on weekends. Kid-friendly foods that require no preparation so that they can just "open and eat'.

It's back to school and time for us to stock the shelves in our Pack-A-Sac closet. A $20 donation will feed one child for a month. Cash or check donations are greatly appreciated.