Welcome to Unity!

Are you looking for a community that stands for Love, Peace, Health, Prosperity, Respect, Diversity and Equality as an expression of our spirituality? We believe we are all here because we’re on a spiritual journey to become all that we were created to be.

At Unity, we believe that within everyone is a true sacred Spirit seeking expression. We don’t tell people what to think or what to do. Instead we share spiritual principles and practices that support you in listening to the wisdom that is within everyone one of us…growing more fully into our true selves. We believe there is one God and many paths and ways to Connect to God and we welcome you, wherever you are on your spiritual journey. We believe in the worth of all individuals regardless of creeds, sexual orientation, background, ethnicities, color or abilities.

Continue to check out our website and  even listen to a Sunday talk. We invite you to attend our Sunday morning Celebration Service at 10:30, or one of our other meditations or classes. If you like it here, we’ll support you in finding meaningful ways to connect within our Unity community that will deepen and strengthen your own inner life and enhance your total life experience.

Affirming Prayer

We are all here by Divine appointment and come together to share, to learn and to express our True spiritual selves. There is a deeper awareness of Being awaiting me.