Getting To Know - Cindy Monastar

A friend introduced me to Unity of Port Richey approximately 30 years ago when she asked me to attend a yoga class with her at the church. Shortly thereafter I attended my first service, when Phil Smedstad was minister, and immediately fell in love with the positive messages and The Prayer for Protection. I had begun reading New Thoughts authors and felt Unity was in alignment with what I was searching for. Even though I could not/did not attend church regularly, each time I did feel a calling for church Unity was always there to fulfill my need. I have felt so strongly that Unity was my church that I was married here 20 years ago and my grandchildren were christened here last year.

A peaceful easy feeling comes over me when everyone holds hands and sings Let There Be Peace On Earth at the end of each service. My favorite Bible verse is "Peace Be Still and know that I AM God" because it calms my soul and reminds me to take a moment to connect to the divine presence within. In the silence is when I feel most connected to God, either in church on Sunday, outside in nature, or while practicing yoga. My long time Daily Word subscription has been very instrumental in my spiritual practice.

My favorite Unity class was the Eye of the Storm because I really needed the message of nothing and no one was against me at the time and to concentrate on the message that everything was working together for my highest good. I feel very fortunate to have been part of the first Speaking Circle and the first Unitrekkers outing which connected me with the wonderful members of this church.

When I was younger, the books on Don Juan by Carlos Castaneda opened my mind to the possibilities of an expansive Universe and the books by Wayne Dyer and Louise Hay helped me to see and appreciate my worthiness as a child of God.

If heaven existed I would like to hear God say when I arrive at the pearly gates "Welcome. We're so glad you're here. Please come in".