Getting To Know Cris Fager

I first attended a Unity service in 2009. I remember it was Mothers Day. I came to know Unity through the wife of the reverend from my past church. She had attended a service and said "Cris, I believe you should check out Unity, it goes with what you believe and practice".
What I liked about my first service was that I was hugged and made to feel comfortable and welcomed. The message rang true and by the end of the service, I knew I was right where I belonged.
My favorite Unity song is the 'welcome song'. It touched me at my first service. Every time I sing it I am reminded that I am right where I belong, right where I am.
My favorite bible verse is: 'I will never leave you, nor forsake you', Joshua 1:5. This verse brings me comfort in a somewhat chaotic world.
My favorite Unity book is The Five Principles. It provides a no nonsense, straight to the point, look at our principles. A good book to maintain balance and knowledge.
My spiritual practice includes prayer and meditation. I feel centered and connected to God throughout the day. This is accompanied by self-talk, looking and listening. I turn my day over to the Universe and remain grateful and thankful for all things in my life, just as its supposed to be.
One of my favorite affirmations is 'all is well'. This simple idea brings me from doubt to serenity using these three simple words.
I am most grateful for Unity and my Unity family, which allows me to live life in the flow. A true compass for daily living.
I feel most connected to God from the time my feet hit the floor in the morning, to the time I retire for the day. God is a constant in my life, always available - in all ways.