Getting To Know Joanne LaSpina

Before I found Unity Truth Center, I hadn't attended any type of church community since I was a child. As a teen, I began the search for a spiritual belief system I would feel comfortable with. I began an enchanted walkabout into the public library! There, I discovered the subject of Comparative Religions! That day truly changed my life. I couldn't get enough knowledge. I began to see the beauty of all beliefs and the constancy of loving God in all forms. I continued my studies of comparative religions into my adulthood and still study today. One day in a Spiritual Book Club someone told me I might like a place called Unity. So I attended my first service about 4 years ago. Finally, I have found a community of like minded people who shared my views that all paths are really one path to God.

I was impressed with the lesson of that first service I attended. Rev Barbara quoted from a book I had been reading. This lead me to the book store. Ah books! When I saw several books that I had read for sale there I knew I found a place I wanted to be part of. I don't have one favorite book because as I read, I always feel that the book I'm reading  is my favorite book !-Until the next!.

But I do have an all time favorite movie--- The Wizard of Oz. As a child, I loved how Dorothy traveled to a wonderful place of color and met awesome characters that lead her to wild adventures, which only lead her back home. As an adult I still love that movie. Now I know it is the story of each and everyone of us. When we look within, we will find a wonderful place of color and meet awesome characters ( all our thoughts ) that lead us into the wild adventure. Some of those experiences are delightful while others are of scary places and frightful images. But, as Dorothy learned  there is "no place like home" and home (as I see it) is God within.  There, we will find peace.  So click your heals three times!