Meditation-Crystal Bowls

Thursday Night Meditation 7-8 pm
Crystal Singing Bowls  with Renee Dollar   

Join Renee Dollar, Reiki Master, for a Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation and experience a mind-body-spirit alignment for a natural state of Wellness. The meditation utilizes quartz crystal bowls that are tuned to the body’s chakras and emit sound vibrations tones that not only offer a relaxing sound journey, but also have multiple healing properties. 

• Boosts the immune system

• Reduces pain by disrupting the pain reflex              

• Releases stuck energy

• Reenergizes affirmations

• Puts us in touch with the deep harmony that is already inside of us and with deeper reality of which we are a part.         

The meditation usually lasts about 45 minutes and many enjoy the experience in a lying position, so you want to bring a mat, pillow, and blanket. The meditation space also has comfortable cushioned pews for those who prefer to meditate in a seated position.

     Love offering accepted and greatly appreciated!