Thursday Night Meditation 7-8 pm
Breath, Mantra and Gong Relaxation with Rae Clauser

What to Expect in a Gong Relaxation   

At first, you hear the throaty Gong sounds and as you listen carefully, you become aware of the many tones within one sound.  The sounds develop and wash over and around you to vibrate all of the body’s cells.  The waves of sound carry your body and mind to a feeling of peace and connectedness.

 Benefits of the Gong
·      Vibration creates deep relaxation.
·      Releases you from your everyday thoughts.
·      Stimulates the glandular system to a higher level of functioning.
·      Strengthens the immune system
·      Balances all chakras

Bring a yoga mat or blanket or you can sit.  Love offerings help make these meditations available.