Special Guest Speaker Matt Jones

Event Date: 
Sunday, November 28, 2021 - 10:30am


Matt Jones Bio

Folks, you’re in for a real treat this morning. Our speaker went from being a three-time cancer conqueror to surviving a bone marrow transplant, relearning how to walk, completing eight marathons on eight Continents, and yes, that includes Antarctica and the newly discovered continent of Zealandia.

The late Wayne Dyer called Matt “his hero,” and Dr. Catherine Ponder says, “Matt has a transformational message that is life-changing.”

Matt is an ordained Metaphysical Minister and was ordained as an Interfaith Minister from All Faiths International Seminary in New York this past Saturday. Currently, he is working on his Doctorate of Divinity with a specialization in Metaphysical Bible Interpretation.

He is also the founder of Radical Love Ministries, and the author of God is Love: 101 Bible Verses on Love which he has copies available for free.

Matt has an enthusiastic spirit and a contagious laugh that he has shared with Unity Churches across the country in person and virtually. Today the title of his talk is “God is Love.” Please join me in welcoming the Reverend Matt Jones.

The Radical GOOD NEWS of the

Gospel of LOVE


In this talk, your spirit will be renewed, your soul refreshed, and your heart reignited. “GOD is LOVE and those that dwell in LOVE, dwell in GOD and GOD in them.” Discover the Radical GOOD NEWS of the Gospel of LOVE- in a way you perhaps have never heard before. The Gospel of LOVE is without condemnation, judgment, or guilt. Once you see yourself as GOD sees you, your life will forever be illuminated.


From this talk, YOU will Discover:

  • The INFINITE LOVE, the Creator of the Universe, has for YOU
  • How to experience ETERNAL LIFE NOW
  • The Radical LOVE of the GOOD NEWS of the GOSPEL of LOVE