“What Lola taught me about Love and Life” With Rev. Judith Elia

Lola came into my Life during a decade of floods, fires and a pandemic.  When I reflect back on my time with her, I realize she was an Angel of Love and Joy who taught me many life lessons.  Lola passed peacefully on April 27, 2023.  She was my Best Friend and companion and lived with such enthusiasm and compassion through all life’s adventures and unprecedented disasters. She kept her focus on the present moment and her intention was always very simple: safety, fun, love, listening, and spreading Joy.  I look forward to sharing my experiences with you on Sunday!

 Community Connection and Sharing Time After Church May 7th 12:00pm

Let’s talk. What keeps you coming back to Unity of Port Richey? What is it you would like to see more of? What is up in your Spiritual Life? We will be sharing some information with you about our progress as a Board of Trustees. Mostly, we will share from our Hearts what is meaningful to us. With Spirit as our guide, may Love light our way.

Ken Reed Bio

My name is Ken Reed, and I am the former Music Minister at Unity of Daytona Beach,
located in Holly Hill, Florida. I served in that position for 11 years, and because of
internal issues, I have decided that it would no longer be my spiritual home.

The purpose and passion of my life have always been centered around music,
especially spiritual music. Becoming a music minister has afforded me the opportunity
to learn and understand how deep rich music and sound patterns, affect the physical,
mental, emotional, and spiritual quality of one’s life.

My responsibilities as Music Minister included:
 selecting music to be used in Sunday services;
 leading the choir;
 developing musical programs for special events and holidays;
 leading the congregation in praise and joy songs;
 singing solos at Sunday services, celebration of life services, and other events;
 reporting the music used, so that our beloved artist can be fairly compensated.

In 2015, I became a Life Coach with the goal of helping people clear issues that stand
in the way of living their highest and best life. My primary desire is to use my coaching
and music skills to assist others in developing “sound” minds and hearts to support
their spiritual journeys. I believe that our greatest strength lies in our coming together
as a spiritual community, encouraging each other through love, kindness and

Currently, my interest is in exploring and developing programs that employ music,
singing, and other sound processes to evoke deep spiritual healing. As we awaken to

who we truly are as Divine Expressions of God on earth, we take on a level of quality
and strength that we may have never known before.

Through workshops, concerts, meditative, and enriching prayerful activities, it is my
intention to inspire and deepen our personal experience of God.

I also am committed to creating activities of fellowship and fun, where singing and
dancing are expressions of Divine Joy. For example, a friend and I hosted a
“50’s—60’s” Prosperity-Fund Raising Party at the church. We raised a considerable
amount of money, and ALL were blessed with an abundance of Love and Joy!

I see Unity of Port Richey as an amazing center of rich growth and potential, and it
would be an honor to partner with you and Divine Spirit, as you continue advancing
toward that end!

Ken Reed
Phone: 386 212 6742
Email: choralpower@gmail.com